Entrusted Experiment and Research

We, NANO FRONTIER TECHNOLOGY, are pleased to accept request and order for entrusted processing, entrusted experiments, entrusted research, etc. for dispersion and ultra-miniaturization of various materials.

Fields that can be dispersed and ultra-miniaturized and dispersed with our technology

Example of dispersion and ultra-miniaturization

[Example 1: Carbon Black]
[1-1] Before dispersion
[1-2] After dispersion
[Example 2: Graphite]
[2-1] Before miniaturization
[2-2] After miniaturization
[Example 3: Zeolite]
[3-1] Before miniaturization
[3-2] After miniaturization
[Example 4: Bio-cellulose]
[4-1] Before dispersion
[4-2] After dispersion

Entrusted Experiment Flow

1.Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us by email regarding any miniaturization.Click here for inquiries.
2.Review of optimum conditions and estimate
Based on our experience and know-how, we will examine and estimate the optimum conditions for miniaturization.
3.Entrasted experiments and research
Experiment will be conducted under optimum conditions.
Analyze as needed. There may be an additional charge.
We will return the miniaturized or dispersed sample and experimental results.
6.Payment and Future Consultation
Based on the results of laboratory tests, we will consider mass production, application, and dispersion with composite samples as necessary.