CNT dispersion Sales

CNT dispersion

We, Nano Frontier Technology, sell Dispersion solutions for various types of carbon nanotubes, including single-walled CNTs, double-walled CNTs, multi-walled CNTs, and carbon fibers.

Dispersions will be provided in accordance with customer requirements, for selection of CNT, concentration of CNT, and selection of solvent.

The dispersion solvent can be Water, ethanol, methanol, IPA, ethylhexanol, acetone, MEK, butanol, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, THF, toluene, NMP, DMF, cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, silicon oil, etc.
Solvents other than those listed above may also be used. We also respond to requests for the use and non-use of dispersants.
CNT concentration of dispersion solution is approximately from 0.01% to 5%, depending on the solvent used.
We also accept consultations regarding mixing with binders and other materials.
You can also consult us about mixing with a binder. Please feel free to contact us.
*Due to export restrictions, the dispersion may not be possible to shipped overseas.

Comparison of Dispersion

The morphology and degree of aggregation of carbon nanotubes varies depending on the manufacturing method, manufacturer and diameter. Our company has accumulated many years of dispersion experience and know-how to efficiently disperse various types of carbon nanotubes.

Clumps of tightly entangled carbon nanotubes are difficult to break down using physical forces such as ultrasonic irradiation. It can be improved by using dispersants and additives, but the aggregation still remain and settle over time. The dispersion of Nano Frontier Technology remains stable for a long period of time.