Company Profile

Company Profile

Name of the company Nano Frontier Technology Co., Ltd.
Establishment January 24, 2007
The capital 26,500,011 JPY
CEO Kaoru Tsuda
Head office 3-10-6-105, Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0032 JAPAN
TEL&FAX +81-3-3493-1201
Lab 5-C, Monodukuri Innovation center1
3-5-8, Funado, Itabashi, Tokyo 174-0041
Main bank Sugamo Shinkin Bank, The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Mizuho bank, Ltd.
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Business Overview

The mission of Nano Frontier Technology is “Contributing to Society by Creating New Functional Materials and Dramatically Improving Functionality”. We are promoting mainly in the following 4 businesses field.

Research & Development We develop new high-performance materials through joint research with Universities or public institutions. The developed products will be shipped to customers.
Entrusted Experiment, Research and Processing We conduct entrusted experiment, entrusted research and entrusted processing using our nanomization technology.
CNT Dispersion Sales We are selling carbon nanotube (CNT) dispersion. Dispersions can be supplied according to customer’s request for CNT selection (SWNT, MWNT), concentration and solvent of CNT.
Intellectual Property We can grant our patents and know-how subject to mutual agreement with partner companies.
We are also proceeding joint ventures by utilizing our patents and know-how.

Nano Frontier Technology is a development venture focused on advanced ultra-nanomization and dispersion technology, and develop business with a world side business network.